Set yourself apart

Many folks are not sure what branding is. In a nut shell it is visually what makes you, you. So maybe you are a handyman, own a business, are a make up artist, have an Etsy shop, make and sell goods? Branding with me will help to display and market your talent for the things you love

Show what your made of

Images are a great way to show what it is like to be in your space as a shop. Online or in person your branding can help your people connect to you and your services.

Display with Flatlay

Don't miss those cute little details of what you have to offer. Display it on a flatlay board! Paintings, hand made jewelry, and so much more looks absolutely stunning on boards!

Artist's You are your brand

There are professionals who do nails, tattoos, make up, hair, and more. When you hire Wright Light Images you can customize your branding session. If that is your face for your web page, or you in action it is up to you. Make yourself visible to clients so they can relate to you in relation to your offered service.

Show your craft

Let the details do the speaking for you.